Nadalands (John Solo)

Past Shows and Setlists






The Company Town LP (2006)

1. were Austin
2. Retrograde
3. The Awning
4. This Is a Colma Train
5. Dusk
6. American Miracle
7. Numbers
8. Bedford Fell
9. You Are the Lack
10. Songs about Planes
11. Village Wives
12. When It Rains, I Think about Mortality

The Dodge EP (2003)

1. Denizen
2. In Turn They Made You Miserable
3. West Oakland
4. Reservations
5. Trip McNeely Syndrome

The Deborah LP (2002)

1. Slummer/Thermostat
2. Lying Naked Awake
3. Peepholes
4. Goddamned Northeast Infrastructure
5. Beer Can on the Side of the Road
6. Eulogy for a Fictional Girlfriend
7. Sleaseside
8. The Belt Cycle:
   a) Love in the Rust Belt
   b) Love in the Sun Belt
   c) Love in the Grain Belt
9. Songs About Planes
10. Savannah
11. M Tagged J
12. Everything Helps, Even a Smile
13. Bedford Fell

John's solo Christmas Day EP, Easter Sunday EP, and Day of Atonement EP are also available for download.